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Waiver Form & Covid 19   Rules - Enrollment


Dear Members, Friends and Staff,

We hope this message finds you well and safe in these difficult and unprecedented times. We have been working on ways to offer meaningful in-person davening as COVID 19 continues to present daily challenges.  
For all those who feel comfortable attending services, we have abbreviated them, and seating is limited due to social distancing.  Please see the revised COVID 19 Rules below.  If you would like to attend, the Waiver Form must returned/emailed and registered at the synagogue office. 

No one will be granted entry without a registered Waiver Form and ALL must adhere to the latest Anshei Emuna COVID 19 Rules.     

It is laudable that some of our members would like to return to shul on a regular basis and it is important that we as a shul help facilitate that end. However, it is equally important for the shul to place the safety of its members as a priority. The question whether to hold services indoors or outdoors is a complicated issue as there are risks from security holding services outside.

Therefore, after consultation I have come up with the following protocols:

Friday night minyan will be held outdoor further back from Jog Road

Shabbat morning minyan will be held indoor with services limited to one and half hours.

Shabbat Mincha services will held outdoors without a Torah service and Maariv davening will be held well before the conclusion of Shabbat.

Weekday services will be held in the social hall instead of the shul. The door on the north side of the social hall will be left open to allow those who want to be daven outdoors to be within a secure area. This area is completely blocked from Jog Road and there is an access walk to the area from the street.
Rabbi Jack Engel​​​ 
Myron Bari​​​    David Shabat
Chairman​​​      President


Waiver form 

Covid 19 Rules 



Please note that the in-house minyan enrollment form is available to individuals only AFTER their Waiver form has been registered in the office. 

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Mon, January 25 2021 12 Shevat 5781