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Capital Building Past Named Building Enhancements



We want to thanks all those who have
donated to the following Named Building Enhancements.
Please call Rabbi Jack Engel, Myron Bari,
call the office at (561-499-9229) or make comments below
to discuss any future pledges, naming preferences & payment options. 

Building Name ($1,000,000) 
Donated by Gerald Cohen

Northern Lobby ($100,000) 
Donated by Lewis Sare

Torah Bimah - Main Sanctuary ($36,000)

Donated by Lisa Sandel in memory of her father George Rudes

Jerusalem Stone Main Sanctuary - Middle Section ($10,000) 
Donated by Kenneth Calmenson
Jerusalem Stone Main Sanctuary - Left Section ($5,000) 
Donated by Cheryl Spielman & Myron Bari
Jerusalem Stone Main Sanctuary - Right Section ($5,000) 
Donated by Lorin & Alan Gottlieb and Jodi & Jeffrey Gottlieb
Four Bimah Shtenders ($5,000) 
Donated by Stacey & Dr. Warren Brenner
Front Door Mezuzah ($3,600) 
Donated by Libo & Louise Fineberg
14 Mechitzah Panels ($4,500 per Panel) Sold

List of Donors Click Here
2 Mechitzah Corner Panels ($2,000 per Panel) 
Maureen Fox. Susan & David Goldstein
Paginator ($3,000) Donated by Jeanette & Harry Fruhman

2 Bimah Flower Stands ($2,000) Donated by Harry Spitzer

What Florida community are you part of (e.g. Addison, Kingspont)?


Tue, November 30 2021 26 Kislev 5782