So, What’s New?

21 Kislev 5778 B’SD President Trump made an announcement that will change the course of history. He stated unequivocally that Jerusalem is the Capital of Israel and that the US Embassy will be in Jerusalem. He made a proclamation that every Jew has already known...

The scandal of 2017

13 Kislev 5778 B’SD The scandal of 2017 I know that many people will disagree, perhaps vehemently, with this article. But I present my thoughts solely to open a dialogue. Weinstein, Conyers, Franken and Moore are not the names of an illustrious New York law...

What My Mother Taught Me

20 Cheshvan 5778 B’SD I remember my mother telling me that I could be whatever my heart desired, and that I would be the only impediment to achieving my dreams. I wish I could ask my mom if she still believes what she told me because living through these current...

Who Speaks for God?

5 Cheshvan 5778 B’SD My thoughts flirt with heresy but nonetheless must be mentioned. There are groups of saints, prophets, and spiritualists who all claim to be God’s representative on earth. Interestingly, so many religions express the same confidence or...

Putting Life in Perspective

29 Tishri 5778  B’SD Over the recent three-day holiday, I commented that for a few days I felt peace in my world. I didn’t watch TV or read the newspaper. There was no negative news to fray my nerves. No news about North Korea or the gains made by right-wing...

Yom Kippur and the saga facing the NFL

7 Tishri 5778 B’SD To say “I have sinned” is an understatement. Who has not? Indeed, if that would be the extent of my wrongdoing, I would be pacified and content. Yet what I have done is far worse than sinning; I have sat idly and watched others contaminate all...
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