Is this my land or yours? The political divide

22 Sivan 5777 B’SD I wasn’t the slightest bit shocked by the senate hearings this past week. The Comey testimony followed by the Sessions testimony was as partisan as partisan can be. Truth seemed less of an objective than the venomous diatribes and...

The Demise of (Modern) Orthodoxy

22 Iyar 5777 B’SD The Demise of (Modern) Orthodoxy If it weren’t so serious, it would be comical. Two of the great rabbis (and I use the word great with trepidation) had a major philosophical argument. A serious question was raised by a group of concerned...

The Rabbi’s Mea Culpa

2 Iyar 5777 B’SD The Rabbi’s Mea Culpa Laying myself bare for all to see is uncomfortable and humiliating, but nonetheless I believe it is necessary to cleanse my soul from a year of iniquities. I was most fortunate to have my entire family visit over Passover,...

Yom Hashoah

25 Nisan 5777 B’SD Yom Hashoah I just don’t understand why humanity is cursed with unhappiness. It seems we are are lucky to be living in a great time and have everything going for us. Modern medicine is superb and lifespans are nearing the age of...

Babysitting – A Spiritual Quest

16 Tevet 5777    B’SD Babysitting – A Spiritual Quest Over the past ten days I have experienced a combination of exhaustion, exhilaration, and excitement all wrapped into two adorable bundles called grandchildren. I was privileged to be offered a position I could not...

The Betrayal: A Post-Mortem

9 Tevet 5777 B’SD The Betrayal: a Post-Mortem If “Read my lips. No new taxes” is the legacy of Bush 41, then “Israel has no greater friend than the Obama administration” may be the legacy of the Obama presidency. Most of us are still shellshocked by the US abstention...
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