Yom Kippur and the saga facing the NFL

7 Tishri 5778 B’SD To say “I have sinned” is an understatement. Who has not? Indeed, if that would be the extent of my wrongdoing, I would be pacified and content. Yet what I have done is far worse than sinning; I have sat idly and watched others contaminate all...

Lessons from Harvey and Irma

22 Elul 5777 B’SD My mind is so preoccupied with Irma and Harvey that it’s hard to focus on the upcoming holiday season. Yet in just a few short days, everything stops and we dedicate ourselves to hours of intense prayer. Yet, my sermons remain in limbo as...

Thoughts for the Nine Days

2 Av 5777 B’SD Thoughts for the Nine Days I express my heartfelt condolences to the Salomon family for the murder of the father and grandfather Yosef and two of his children, Elad and Chaya, in a heinous terrorist attack last Friday night in Halamish. May their...

The Passion of Hate

27 Tammuz B’SD I don’t really understand why humanity loves to hate. Yet it seems that throughout our history, the one constant besides death and taxes, is mankind’s continuous hatred of someone or something. It’s hardly only a Jewish problem,...

Is this my land or yours? The political divide

22 Sivan 5777 B’SD I wasn’t the slightest bit shocked by the senate hearings this past week. The Comey testimony followed by the Sessions testimony was as partisan as partisan can be. Truth seemed less of an objective than the venomous diatribes and...

The Demise of (Modern) Orthodoxy

22 Iyar 5777 B’SD The Demise of (Modern) Orthodoxy If it weren’t so serious, it would be comical. Two of the great rabbis (and I use the word great with trepidation) had a major philosophical argument. A serious question was raised by a group of concerned...
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