Lessons from Harvey and Irma

22 Elul 5777 B’SD My mind is so preoccupied with Irma and Harvey that it’s hard to focus on the upcoming holiday season. Yet in just a few short days, everything stops and we dedicate ourselves to hours of intense prayer. Yet, my sermons remain in limbo as...

An indelible stain – Charlottesville 2017

24 AV 5777 Before last Saturday night I didn’t know much about Charlottesville, Virginia, nor had it been on my bucket list of vacation destinations. I still have little desire to spend time there, but it is a location that is now on the tip of my tongue. Its very...

Babysitting – A Spiritual Quest

16 Tevet 5777    B’SD Babysitting – A Spiritual Quest Over the past ten days I have experienced a combination of exhaustion, exhilaration, and excitement all wrapped into two adorable bundles called grandchildren. I was privileged to be offered a position I could not...

The Betrayal: A Post-Mortem

9 Tevet 5777 B’SD The Betrayal: a Post-Mortem If “Read my lips. No new taxes” is the legacy of Bush 41, then “Israel has no greater friend than the Obama administration” may be the legacy of the Obama presidency. Most of us are still shellshocked by the US abstention...

In memory of our Dear Friend Shimon Askanazi

24 Kislev B’SD In memory of our dear friend, Shimon ben Yehoshua Askanazi, zecher tzadik livracha. Yet Thou hast made him but little lower than the angels, and hast crowned him with glory and honor. (Psalms 8:5) Could we with ink the ocean fill, Were every blade of...

A Tribute to our Veterans

11 Cheshvan B’SD A Tribute to our Veterans To the Jew, Abraham personifies a unique quality of absolute faith. Although he may not be legally Jewish his name is synonymous with being the patriarch of the Jewish people and founder of monotheism, the foundation...
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